I have been helping a lot of women take their first steps towards creating video
content and these are my top 5 tips for the first 10 videos.

  1. Get clarity on your why. Why do you want to create video content?

It is extremely important to know your goals so you don’t get sidetracked
into non issues and irrelevant metrics. And also so you can keep a focused
eye on the opportunities you want to create.

  1. Get clarity on your content. What do you want to say?

Be very clear on what content you want to create. Obviously your content
will change, adjust, pivot as you learn more about your audience and even
yourself. But you should have an over arching clarity on what you want to

  1. Don’t focus on the tech. Shoot on your phone camera, in selfie mode.

Tech will follow. It is most important to first get comfortable on camera.
Focus on your voice, your content structuring, getting comfortable with
seeing yourself on camera. The camera and editing quality will follow later.

4. Don’t have a script. Never. Structure your content into bullet points.
When you have a script, you focus more on remembering the script rather
than flow of your thoughts. Put your structure into bullet points. Feel free to
pause between bullet points, look at your notes and then speak. Just edit the
pauses out.

5. Don’t worry about trends. Focus on what value you can offer.
You will see your creativity flow if you focus on your unique personality and content
rather than trying to box yourself into trying to do the trending thing. You
will find your own style eventually.

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