Acquiring confidence is a lifelong activity.
But how do you ensure that you walk into any room – meeting, interview,
conference or even a party – and completely own it.
Here are 6 things I do

  1. I never open a door to any unnerving room without taking a second to square my
    shoulders, tuck my tummy in, stand tall, take a deep breath and put a smile on
    my face. I have practiced Body Language enough for my body to not collapse into
    a nervous form even if I’m dying of nervousness.
  2. I ensure I am well put together. It’s non negotiable. I just love the effect on
    myself and others when I walk into a room looking my spiffiest best.
  3. I use my voice impactfully and powerfully. I know the right volume, the right
    tone, the exact emphasis and the most effective pauses that I must use.
  4. I tell myself that I will accomplish whatever I came to do. Mindset is everything. If
    you think you can’t do something, chances are you won’t!
  5. I rely on my carefully put together and ongoing activity of gathering knowledge. I
    will be able to speak intelligently about most things and if I can’t, my genuine
    curiosity to know about it will see me through.
  6. I constantly challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone. Tough and tall
    ask/conversation in the room? Never mind. Let’s try and see the best that I can

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