Transforming Lives and Unleashing Potential.

Presence is the secret sauce that helps your employees own every room they walk into, get buy-in for their ideas, handle objections with conviction and create teams that look up to them as role models.

Create Impactful Leaders with my signature programs.​

I excel in shaping impactful leaders through my signature programs. Think of my programs as practical playbooks meticulously designed to empower professionals to seamlessly translate learned concepts into the fabric of their everyday work. 

I am dedicated to unleashing the untapped potential within your team, cultivating a culture where influential leaders thrive and make an enduring impact in every facet of their professional journey. 

I design my content as a practical playbook that enables professionals to implement the concepts they learn in real-life scenarios.

Topics Covered

Executive Presence

Communicating With Impact

Presentation Delivery


Own The Room

Powerful Body Language

Impactful Leadership

Looking Well Put Together

Women Focused Programs

Workshops, speaker sessions and activities that create safe spaces for women to learn, feel inspired, share challenges and find solutions.

Signature Session
She Means Business

A program to help mid and senior women managers take up space and create a more powerful and influential presence, all the while retaining their authentic identity

Program Highlights​

  • Body language and movement
  • Looking confident
  • Looking presentable
  • Audience engagement (eye contact etc)
  • Impactful introduction
  • Effective communication – being crisp and clear in storytelling
  • Presenting from slides
  • Being assertive
  • Voice confidence and modulation, 
  • Focusing on outcome
  • Handling questions and objections
  • Effective audience engagement 
  • Communicating a clear CTA



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